There For You

Love & Family #1

There For You

He’s solid, kind, and he’s back. Luke. My next door neighbor. My best friend. My unofficial co-parent.

God, I’ve missed him. Really, deeply missed him.
Now he’s around again? Maybe he’ll help me tick my way through my Must Do List . . .

Swim with the great whites?
Get into crazy, nasty shape. Lift weights before work!
Date someone ten years older.
Flirt, have fun, don’t fall in love.
Do something sexually taboo. (Or just have sex again.)

I mean, I’m straight, so Luke doesn’t have to help me with the last three points.
But, what . . . what if he does?

He’s the guy I’m in love with. He doesn’t even know I’m gay.

God, I’m screwed.

“There For You” is a slow burn, Friends To Lovers, boy-next-door, bi-awakening story with HEA. A sweet & cozy M/M romance. This is the first book in the “Love & Family” series, set in Wellington, New Zealand.
The books in the Love & Family series are standalone romances, and can be read in any order.

~ ~ ~

“There For You” was previously published under the title “Taboo For You”.


“It is wonderfully put together and it’s noticeable how much time, effort and thought is put in every detail. I highly recommend it to every MM romance fan out there, especially those whose guilty pleasures are mm reads with friends-to-lovers/gfy theme. It will put a never-ending smile on your face.” – PurpleBook – Way Too Hot Books (4.5/5 stars)

“The tone of the book is funny and sweet. The list is a presence throughout the book and I liked that. I felt this was well written and flowed well. It isn’t an action packed, angst ridden book. It’s a slower ride through the countryside. And I absolutely adored the ending. Perfect.” – Lucy – Hearts on Fire Reviews (4.5/5 stars)

“I know it may sound cliché, but this book made me laugh and it made me cry. Just witnessing the devotion Luke has to Sam and Jeremy is something we all hope for in a mate. […] I highly recommend this book…” – Jackie – The Novel Approach (4.5/5 stars)

“Having gone through my own 30th birthday crisis, I could empathize with Sam, yet knew he was in good hands with Luke, and even with the playful, totally teenage Jeremy. Everyone should have neighbors as nice as these three.” – Pat Henshaw – All About Romance (B+)

Taboo for You offers the very best of a friends-to-lovers story: friends who didn’t even realize they had already become a family.” – Michelle – Joyfully Jay (5 stars)

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Content edit: Teresa Crawford
Line edit: Lynda Lamb at Refinery
Copy edit: Heather at HJS Editing
Cover art: Natasha Snow

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